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The Piper Alpha Production Platform exploded on the 6th July 1988 in the North Sea, killing 167 men – fathers, sons, brothers and lovers. It left just 61 survivors.

It remains the world’s worst-ever offshore disaster. Within 2 hours the Piper Alpha went from being one of the world’s largest oil producers to the burning wreckage.

The Memorial - created by Sculpture Sue Jane Taylor, who visited the platform and spent time with some of the men just the previous year - has the names of all 167 men who perished engraved on the pink granite plinth alongside their ages. It was unveiled on the 3rd Anniversary of the disaster in 1991 within Hazlehead Park - North Sea Memorial Gardens - Aberdeen.

In 2012, just one year before the 25th Anniversary of the disaster, the Memorial and surrounding gardens had fallen into a shameful state of disrepair and neglect.

Three Ladies Carol Banks, Lucy Norval (both Offshore Oil Workers) and Pat Ballantyne (Wife of Survivor Bob Ballantyne) originally founded the Pound for Piper Memorial Trust (PfP) with the short term aim of raising enough money in one year to restore the memorial and gardens to a state befitting to the memory of those who tragically perished that night.

The long term aim of the Charity is to ensure that the memorial and gardens are maintained to a high standard for years to come and remain a special place for solace, comfort and contemplation.

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Piper Alpha Memorial Statue & Gardens

Piper Alpha Memorial & Gardens

Hazlehead Park
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Support those who were lost by gathering friends and family together to raise money. Pound For Piper hard hat collection boxes are also available.


Donate to us directly via our JustGiving page. Join many others helping us today.


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